About THEO Ministries
THEO Ministries

Our Mission

Our vision and passion is to advance God’s Kingdom throughout the nations by connecting hearts to the heartbeat of God. This is through:

  • Opening eyes to see and ears to hear the Spirit of God
  • Releasing freedom to the captives and prisoners
  • Restoring the broken-hearted, and ministering healing to the spirit, soul and body
  • Equipping and empowering God's children, and raising a healing army
Angela G Walker

Founder & Director of THEO Ministries



Angela graduated as a doctor at Liverpool Medical School and furthered her career in Paediatrics and Child Health. She worked with Voluntary Services Overseas in Uganda, as a lecturer in Paediatrics. After returning to England, she continued her training and became a Consultant in 2004.

A year later she studied at the Mission Bible College in Hertfordshire, and then joined Iris Global (known then as Iris Ministries) where she served as a medical missionary with Heidi Baker in Mozambique until the end of 2009. Her life changed as she received 'on the job' training from the Great Physician Himself (more information about this is available in her first book, 'From Natural to Supernatural: Healing God's Way'). Through her experiences and training, she discovered there were spiritual and emotional roots to sickness and disease.

She continued to serve with Iris Global in Sudan (now South Sudan) until 2013, where she taught and ministered in the local prison, hospital, and churches, and also with the street children. Whilst on mission, her life changed as the Lord called her from natural paediatrics to supernatural paediatrics.

Her passion is to see healing (physically, emotionally and spiritually) in the Body of Christ, by engaging hearts with the heartbeat of God and empowering His children to walk in their regal identity and spiritual authority.


The Lord spoke through two visions of the heart which have been instrumental in the birthing of THEO Ministries. The first focuses on healing and the second focuses on sonship..

In the first vision, I was on a white ship named H.M.S or 'His Majesty's Service'. It was a royal military ship and the Captain was King Jesus. In one of the cabins was a spotless white room, known as the surgical or operating room. In the centre  was a table, and in walked the Great Surgeon, Jesus Himself. With the patient’s consent, He started to operate. When asked what operation He was performing, He replied, 'Open heart surgery'. He was cleansing and healing the various parts of the person’s heart as well as removing any diseased or non-functioning tissue. When the operation was finished, the person got off the table, completely restored, with a renewed tender loving heart, beating to the same rhythm as His heart.    

In the second vision, I was taken through the four chambers of the heart. These chambers represented four significant areas in our spiritual growth and development as God's sons or daughters (and this is based on Romans 8:9-17). The rest of this vision is described in detail in my book: 'Into His Chambers'.

Both visions are about healing and sonship in the body of Christ. THEO ministries combines the healing of the body, soul and spirit, with the nurturing of the spirit. This has become known as Kingdom Medicine, where the teaching and training focuses on Restoring Hearts, Releasing Captives and Raising a healing army.

Hence, the vision of THEO Ministries is to train and equip the body of Christ in the areas of divine healing and spiritual sonship, through teaching and ministry.