Healing in the Marketplace
Healing in the Marketplace

Come and join us for this FREE online weekend event!



MAY 21/22   or   JUNE 25/26   or   JULY 30/31

Friday: 7.15 – 9.15pm

Saturday: 10.00am – 12.30pm & 7.15 – 9.15pm

Luke 10:2 ‘The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. Ask the Lord to send out labourers into the harvest fields’. The harvest fields are ripe, and the Lord is inviting us to reach out to people’s hearts in the ‘market place’ with Him!

Email for further information: info@theoministries.com

What is it about?

The weekend is about equipping hearts to go in the harvest fields, especially those who think ‘this is not for me’ or may fear speaking to strangers. Hence, it includes: Hearing God for others, Reaching out with Faith/Compassion/Authority, Healing the Sick and Set the Captives Free, Overcoming Fears and Lies, and How to Treasure Hunt.

When is it?

This event will be online via Zoom on Pentecost Weekend (Friday evening 7.15 – 9.15pm, Saturday morning 10am –12.30pm & Saturday evening 7.15 – 9.15pm) with Saturday afternoon as an opportunity for you to reach out to hearts in your local market place. If you can’t make this weekend, then there will be another opportunity to come to one in June or July.

Who is it for?

Healing in the market place is for everyone! We are all called by God to minister to those around us, whether it is in our homes, work places, on the streets, out walking the dog, or in the shops...it is everywhere! You can come on your own, bring a friend, or do it with a group of friends. Or if you are a youth leader, you could do this with the youth (with the pastor’s and parent’s consent if under 18yrs old), and then go out together in your streets and market place. Jesus sent out the disciples in pairs, to heal the sick, set the captives free, bind up the broken-hearted, and share the Gospel. So invite others to join you and come along

Why now?

In the same way the fire of the Spirit fell on the disciples at Pentecost, I believe God is releasing a fresh outpouring of the fire of His Spirit, to minister to those who are spiritually hungry, desperate for healing, and want to encounter Jesus in their hearts.


How much will it cost?

It is FREE!!

God wants everyone on the harvest fields, and not just the evangelists, for the harvest fields are ripe right now and He is asking us all to go in the market place with Him.
How do I join?

Simply download and fill out the application form and email to:  info@theoministries.com.

Get your friends to come along and you can do it together, or send this information and application form to those you think will be interested. It’s time to send labourers in the harvest fields and see what God does through you and me, as we reach out to His people!!

Once your application form is received you will receive an email with the Zoom link for the event.

(NOTE: Just one person needs to sign up for a group if you are meeting together and watching this on the same internet screen, as long as the person signing up is willing to take full responsibility for their group.)

Hope to see you on Zoom at the event!