Here are some areas of ministry and training provided by THEO Ministries with the School of Healing and School of Sonship which can be tailored according to spiritual needs and requests.


The School of Healing provides a menu based on three courses: the starter, main and dessert.

The Starter course provides the preparation or foundation for the healing ministry.

The Main course provides a range of Kingdom tools available in the healing ministry.

The Dessert course provides an advanced level, and this includes divine heart surgery.


The preparation for healing ministry is as important as acquiring the tools. Many enter the ministry after acquiring tools, but may be lacking in key areas of sonship. Having such foundations will help a person use the spiritual tools with greater efficacy. More is available in Kingdom Medicine Volume 1: 'Foundation'.

For further information on the available topics click here.

Here are some of the available teachings:

Hearing God

Spiritual discernment

Knowing & Growing in your Authority

Understanding the Spirit-Soul-Body

Discovering Roots to Sickness and Disease

Power in the Blood & Communion

Power in Forgiveness

Spiritual Strongholds

Deliverance Guidelines

Preparation before and after ministry

Staying Healed


There are various tools to help release healing and freedom in the body of Christ. In the same way we require different medical departments to deal with the various illnesses or wounds, the same applies to healing in God’s Kingdom. Here are some of the tools for the various areas of healing ministry. More is available in Kingdom Medicine Volume 2: 'Kingdom Tools'. For further information on the available topics, click here.

For further information on the available topics click here.

Here are some of the available teachings:

Sexual sins & soul-ties

Generational sins & curses

Vows & Covenants

Orphan spirit & Identity

Trauma & Wounded hearts

False beliefs & Negative mindsets

Blessing the body

Fear & Control

Bitter-root judgment

Abandonment & Rejection

C. ADVANCED HEALING - Divine Heart Surgery

Advanced healing is for those who are more experienced with healing ministry, and who have preferably completed volumes 1 and 2 of Kingdom Medicine. The healing takes place through coming into God’s presence and by connecting hearts with the heartbeat of God. The minister facilitates the procedure by assisting the Great Surgeon, as He ministers to the deeper areas of the heart. More of this will soon be available in Kingdom Medicine Volume 3: 'Divine Heart Surgery'.


Nurturing the spirit

Sonship is about nurturing the spirit through the various stages of spiritual growth. Healing is part of the process of spiritual development. We are at various stages in our spiritual journey and relationship with God, depending on our spiritual appetite and hunger for more of His presence. In the same way we grow and develop from babies to adults, the same applies to us as God’s children. Being born-again is the beginning of our spiritual growth and development. As we continue in faith, hunger and obedience to His will, we will grow and develop from babies to little children, to immature (teknon) sons and to mature (huios) sons.

Inner transformation can be compared to a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, and plays a significant part in the maturing process of the bride of Christ. God is more concerned about our relationship with Him than what we do for Him. Hence, the anointing comes from abiding in His presence.

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Here are some of the available teachings:

Chambers of the heart: Belonging, Identity, Suffering heart of Christ & Anointing.

How to Hear God  & Discern  His Spirit

Growing in Intimacy & Authority

Recognising the Orphan Spirit

From Outer Court to Inner Sanctuary

Transformation from caterpillar to butterfly

Heart of the Father

How to Overcome Tests and Trials

Gifts, Anointing or His Presence

Battle between Flesh & Spirit

Embracing the Cross

Fear of man or Fear of God

Choosing a Sanctified Lifestyle

Prayer & Fasting

Living under the Power of Grace

Promotion in the Desert

More information is available from the books: 'His Warrior Bride', 'Into His Chambers', and 'Fire in the Desert'.